Guild Rules
last updated on December 31st 1969 07:00 pm
  • Don't be a Dick
    - pretty strait forward rule here, basicly don't do anything that you would'nt want done to you. This rule is about as golden as you can get.
  • Don't be a Stranger
    - To us a being a part of the guild means being like a member of the family, we look out for each other but that also means helping out too, don't alienate yourself by playing alone all the time. If you find yourself bored go ask if someone wants help and get to know them.
  • Don't be Greedy
    - Don't roll need for things you don't need, and don't grab up everything just because its free for all, also be aware of the situation before you grab things up. Example, If you have gotten somthing already and another drop falls that you can use but so can someone else pass it to them. You may lose the item but you can gain a friend.
  • Don't Backstab
    - There is no reason to ever talk badly about another guild member behind their back, If you have problems with another guild member you need to confront them about it or you tell an officer and they will help mediate the situation.