Apr 01

The site has been moved to www.guildforgeonline.com.

The original site had become a mass of partial constructions and unfinished designs splintered into multiple pages some for games we no longer have a presence in.  I went with a more minimalist theme and tried making it more useful to view as a singe page.

The good news is after the forum upgrade I was able to move just about everything over so all our posts and pictures have been preserved including your accounts so you can log in with the same information you always have. I did clean up a lot of outdated accounts though so some of you may need to register again if you haven't visited the forums for quite some time.

In May of 2016 I will be retiring the old site.

Aug 31
Account Cleanup
Posted at 5:04 PM

Just a heads up I purged our overgrown account database from 27 pages down to 6; most of those were spam accounts.  (also added a few new spam checks)  I tried to be as surgical as possible so if you had any posts on your account I left it alone also if your had logged in within the last year you are also safe.

May 20
Minecraft Back Up 1.7.9
Posted at 1:16 PM

Talked a bit with Jaz today and discussed putting the Minecraft server back up; as long as people are interested and we have enough support in donations I'll keep it going.

I'm going to keep the server very low mod due to how much time I have to fool with it  however the server is in creative mode so build whatever you like.  Whitelist has not been turned on yet until I get everyone added back in so you can pop on right away.

You can use either of these to login.

mc.cosmicfools.com:25565 or

(sorry no map; yet...)

I'll add in essentials for the old school /home and teleport commands later on. I'm going to try and keep things as up to date as I can.

Aug 24
More Mobile Friendly
Posted at 1:11 PM

I've been working to make the site a tad more mobile friendly since I know most people get their internet on the go now a days.  I did away with tapatalk since it required you have an app and instead went with a more home grown mobile site for the forums.

  If you visit the forums from a phone you should be auto directed to the mobile version of the forums however some other devices such as tablets will be at your option but there is a button in the top left corner of the forum you can use to swap over to the mobile version if you want.

The site is also getting a mobile version but it is not yet complete.  Mobile devices will be auto directed to the mobile version and you can view it at http://mobile.cosmicfools.com

I'll keep you posted.

Aug 16
Gun Craft
Posted at 1:19 PM

It's like minecraft and an FPS had a bastard child; it's kinda awesome if you like first person shooters. :)  You can literally build your own weapons and zones

Oh and you can import minecraft maps into Gun Craft

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhzvOM87wvQ" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhzvOM87wvQ</a>